For those of you who know me, you know that aside from attending Dave Matthews band concerts, participating in sports, and supporting “my” Canucks, my next two “LOVES” are traveling and food. My preferred method of travel is backpacking , which I like to think of as affordable travel in order to experience as many new places, cultures, and experiences as possible. As I often travel alone, it is also a fantastic way to meet lifelong new friends. Food… well, I love to be baking, cooking, frying, grilling or smoking, but perhaps most importantly I love to eat it.

I have traveled around a few countries thus far, some numerous times. At the time of this post they include: Canada, USA, UK (England & Scotland), France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, China, Thailand, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Egypt, Morocco, Slovenia, and Croatia. In the latter part of this year (2011) I hope to add at least two more countries to this list.

Recently, I embarked on a trip to Chicago, IL, USA from June 30/2011 to July 11/2011.

I tried quite a number of fantastic eats, and have photos, descriptions, and stories to share with you all. This will occur in my first “Skywalker Eats” blog.

I also visited quite a number of tourist attractions, and local hangouts/events which I was introduced to by my couch surfing hosts. Couch-surfing is a unique way of travel which I will discuss in my first “Skywalker Travels” blog. I will also discuss examples of how attractions can be more affordable.

It is my sincerest hope that through my writings I may be able to inspire you to travel more often, and to eat, drink, and be merry (in case you aren’t already)!!!